The Liquid Gold

The ancient Greeks said that the goddess Athena had created the olive tree.

Ancient people used olive oil not just for consumption and cooking, but also as perfume, soap, and lights.

In ancient Greece, athletes ritually rubbed it all over their bodies.

It has been the fountain of great wealth and power, anointing the noblest of heads throughout history.

Olive oil was used to produce both medicine and cosmetics:

Hippocrates called it “the great healer” and Homer “Liquid Gold”, Galen praised it for its positive effects on health.


Olive Oil is the key for a healthier life

Below, you can have a view of the area that our Olive Oil is produced .

Halkidiki is one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

With green hills and next to the Aegean sea, has a unique climate, higher in humidity of the rest of Greece.

Adjacent to our olive plantation is the Holy mount Athos peninsula with many monasteries , most of them built hundreds of years ago since medieval times.

Greek kouzina for the Highest Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil