The Land

Greek kouzina products are sourced by different areas of Greece especially from North and Central Greece.

Greece is a blessed country with beautiful landscapes of any kind. All in One !

Below you can see many photos of those areas.

There are more than 100 High Resolution photos in total.

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The places you will see – starting from top down – are : Halkidiki, Olympus mountain, Pelion


We are sourcing from Halkidiki our Olives , Olive Oil, Truffle Oil, Honey, Herbs 

Photos from Halkidiki are split in three unities :

Seaside area’s photos

Main inner body of the peninsula, the Hills and Mountains areas

Mount Athos peninsula – as a worldwide unique place

We hope you will enjoy !


Seasides of Halkidiki

At the seasides of Halkidiki are growing our Greek kouzina Olives.

Olive tree as a very unique and precious tree, needs the sea breeze in order to harvest the Olive fruit at its best quality and sizes.

Of these high standing Olives we are sourcing our Plain, Stuffed, and Kalamata ones and of course the high quality Papapavlos Private Estate cold press Olive Oil.

Hills and Mountain areas of Halkidiki

Of the hills and mountain areas of Halkidiki we collect our Greek kouzina Honey.

Rich Fauna due to higher humidity and water of the Halkidiki peninsula mainland makes the ideal place for the beekeepers to get the best Erica honey and Wild Flowers honey.

Also, this is one of the areas that our truffles are growing for our precious Truffle Oil

Mount Athos the Holy peninsula of Halkidiki

The Holy peninsula of Mount Athos is an isolated and remaining away from civilization place.

With 20 over monasteries active at the whole peninsula body, Mount Athos is a worldwide unique place.

Dedicated to the Christian Orthodox dogma is a place that stays almost untouched by time. Many of the monasteries were build 1000 years ago at medieval times.

On to this peninsula and the nearby wider area are the rich forests of Chestnut trees and Arbutus wild bushes.

There is where our bee keepers are collecting our Chestnut and Arbutus honey for Greek kouzina.


We are sourcing from Olympus mountain area, our Organic Mountain Tea, Organic Lemon Verbena and Organic Sage

As those precious herbs prefer a high altitude to fully grow, so to give their best quality, Greek kouzina is sourcing those herbs from Olympus Mountain, which it has the ideal climate conditions for those herbs.

Olympus is the highest mountain in Greece with its peak standing at almost 3000 meters above sea level ( 2,917 m ).

It was according the Ancient Greeks the home of the twelve Gods.

Olympus is still considered a Holy Mountain in Greece.

At the roots of Olympus mountain we have every summer the rituals of Promethea, The worshipers of the Ancient Greek 12 Gods.

The international famous Olympus Marathon is also held yearly at Olympus.


Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Chamomile are coming from this area.

Pelion the mountain of the mythical Centaurs, a wild nature’s wonder, this amazing place has a deep in time history.

From this place also – the ancient Iolkos – started his trip for the conquest of the Golden Fleece, Jason and his Argonauts.

They went at a long sea adventure with their famous ship Argo. A rebuild of that famous ship, is today at Volos City harbor, fully functional with its 50 rowers. Some photos of this amazing ship, below.

At the seaside areas are growing Olive trees that are harvesting one of the highest quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil we get for Greek kouzina customers.

Our Extra Virgin Plain Olive Oil, and also the base Extra Virgin Olive Oil we use for our Rosemary Infused, Chili infused , Oregano infused  products, are all from Pelion area.

Pelion has a unique climate, as a combination of its very sharp mountain and sea connected together.

From the same area is also our highly aromatic Chamomile of Greek kouzina.

Furthermore, we get our delicious dried Figs and Sun Dried Tomatoes from this area too.