The Truffle Kingdom

Greece have ideal climate conditions for harvesting very high quality Truffles.

At the humid Oak tree forests of West Macedonia region at North Greece and the mainland Halkidiki area, are grown ones of the best truffles.

Grown underground and found with the use of special trained dogs, that sniff and show to the farmer where the truffles are hidden, these truffles are then infused at Greek Extra Virgin olive Oil, to produce our high Quality Greek kouzina Truffle Oil.

Ancient Greeks and Romans were very enthusiast of the truffles as a delicatesen

Known since ancient times in Greece, truffles are mentioned at many ancient scripts from Galen ( an Ancient Greek Physician ) , Dioskorides ( the first ever recorded botanist, physician, pharmacologist ), Theophrastus ( the philosopher ), Plutarch ( the Greek Biographer ).

Also at ancient Rome truffle was considered by Pliny the Elder as Nature’s miracles, by Cicero ( the lawyer and politician )  as the Daughters of Earth, and by Emperor Nero as the food of the Gods.

At our time, truffles are still considered a very high quality and value delicatessen.
At 2007 Stanley Ho, the Macanese Billionaire paid 330,000 US dollars at an auction for the biggest truffle found up to that time. One and half kilo truffle.



Greek kouzina continuously is on searching for the best quality products.

Our Forest Garden Truffle Oil is considered as one of those high quality and unique products.