Chestnut & Erica Honey – Special promo

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Chestnut raw honey is the richest in antioxidants honey in the world.
High medicinal value honey, with natural antiseptic properties.
Our Greek kouzina Chestnut honey won the prestigious
2019 Great Taste Award !    
Erica raw honey is the perfect antidote for soar throat.
Great for Sinus, Allergies and Respiratory Ailments
 2 x 500gr. Glass Jars



Crystallization is a natural process that happens almost to any raw honey worldwide. The crystallized honey will not affect the quality of the honey.

When the  raw honey crystallizes, simply put the jar of honey into warm water no more than 35 degrees C and wait for couple of hours to become thin liquid again.

If you prefer, you can use the honey as is, when crystallized.

Raw honey, as our Greek kouzina honey is, has all its nutritious ingredients and value.

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