Draspeti – 100 years aged Red Wine Vinegar


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 100 year aged Red Wine Vinegar

Produced by using the 100 over years of yeast.

Aged in wooden Oak barrels to get its beautiful Ruby color

and its unique taste and aroma

Try it !

250ml of pure Red Wine Vinegar !


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Draspeti – 100 year aged Red Wine Vinegar


DRASPETI – 100 year old aged red wine vinegar is made from red wine, though the final product is nonalcoholic. Like red wine, it is free of cholesterol, fat and sodium. This vinegar is the product of a family owned recipe through the fermentation of 100 year old MOV (Mother of Vinegar) located in Halkidiki, Greece.

High in antioxidant, this product is known to aid in weight control, regulates blood sugar, aids digestion and the acetic acid found here helps with calcium absorption and retention.

This high quality red wine vinegar has a deep, dark red shade with a strong scent of red wine bouquet and a well-rounded flavor that is tangy followed by clear sweet. Perfect for all salads, marinates and dips.


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