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Mountain Tea – Organic


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Mountain Tea Organic

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Mountain Tea, a herb with amazing attributes.

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Mountain Tea can be found in high rocky altitudes.


Greece and Spain are the two countries with the highest consumption of Mountain Tea in the world.

Mountain Tea has nothing to do with the common tea and as it is not stimulating – in contrast to other kinds of tea – it can be consumed even late at night, just before going to bed.


Benefits of Mountain Tea

It is good for colds and inflammations of the upper respiratory tract.

Helps to fight indigestion and gastrointestinal disorders and it is considered to be Antispasmodic, Analgesic, Healing and Anti Depressant.

Also has an Anti-inflammatory, Antibacterial and Strengthening effect, contains Tannins, Essential oils and is a Natural antioxidant.


Mountain Tea is a rich source of Iron, Zinc, Sodium, Magnesium, Copper and Cobalt, supports the cardiovascular system, improves the immunological system, supports elimination of accumulated toxins, naturally regulates blood pressure and body temperature, relieves fatigue and anemia.


It is believed to be an effective Aphrodisiac, according to various sources, has a favorable effect in renal diseases, hepatic disorders, respiratory problems.


According to the recent study completed by German scientists, Mountain Tea, may hopefully be a key to treatment of Alzheimer disease


It is delicious and aromatic and it can be consumed either cold or hot.


Mountain Tea that is sealed at this beautiful package, will ensure, that you will get the best of this Greek Organic Herb.

The ideal climate conditions of Greece, gives to this Mountain Tea a delicious taste and aroma, that only Filora Organics can ensure.


How to prepare your Mountain tea

What you have to do first is to fill a teabag with the product.

Then immerse it in a cup of hot water and keep it for 5-8 minutes so as to absorb its infusion and all the seductive aromas.

Alternatively, you can put the herbs into a teapot, or even supplement it with some Greek kouzina honey if you prefer it sweeter.


The information provided, is purely informative and should not be regarded as medical advice or as an advice on health issues.

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