Papapavlos – Extra Virgin Olive Oil – 500ml


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This highest quality Extra Virgin Private Estate Olive Oil is your best choice for a healthier living. With a very high Polyphenols level of 267.

Harvested by handpicked Green Olives, has a higher Chlorophyll taste.

Fresh 2020 Harvest


PAPAPAVLOS Private Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil is extracted from green Hondrolia variety olives found only in the northern part of Greece – Halkidiki.

These olives are handpicked from the trees when they are still young to ensure their quality and nutritional values.


This Private Estate Olive Oil is valued for its higher chlorophyll content found in early harvest oils called agoureleo in Greek, also greener and richer in healthy polyphenols.

Contains small amounts of antioxidant minerals like Selenium and Zinc due to the exclusive use of Green Olives as the main and only fruit.


PAPAPAVLOS Private Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil comes from the PAPAPAVLOS family owned olive groves located in the hilly plains of Sithonia peninsula facing the Aegean Sea just beside Mount Athos.


This olive variety is known for its low acidity of 0.2% and is very high in antioxidant.

This very smooth green oil has a fruity taste of grassy green.

Finally this full bodied flavor in the mouth is followed by a spicy peppery finish.


Ingredients : 100% authentic Greek Extra Virgin cold press Olive Oil


Limited quantity : Fresh 2020 Harvest –  Private Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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