Arbutus Honey


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Raw Arbutus ”Bitter” honey.

Very high Antibacterial and Anti-Asthmatic properties.

Suitable for Mild Diabetic diet.

Extremely rare. A very high value honey !


Arbutus , a highly medicinal honey, also known as Strawberry Tree honey, comes from only three places, southern Portugal, Sardinia island in Italy and North Greece.

It has an unusual bitter/sweet complex multi-layered taste; though loved by gourmets and honey connoisseurs worldwide is not for the unadventurous!

It takes its name from its edible fruit that looks like small, round strawberries.

Arbutus honey is extremely rare, is harvested in limited quantities and not always available every year.


We source our Arbutus honey directly from wild forests in North Greece’s where the arbutus plants natively grows,and  are quite distinctive in character.

Arbutus honey is a raw honey and will crystallize irregularly.

It is dark amber when is liquid and light brown when crystallized.

The taste is sweet initially, but rapidly reveals its strong complex bitter flavor, gradually subsiding into an astringent finish with a mild, distinct aftertaste.

Arbutus honey is typically very expensive due to the late blossoming is often accompanied by cold weather which makes it difficult for the bees to collect nectar, undoubtedly making this special honey even more difficult to find.


Benefits of Arbutus Honey


Arbutus honey contains Homogentisic acid, a powerful Phenolic acid.

The antioxidant and antibacterial qualities of this honey are truly exceptional and it is one of the most antioxidant as well as antibacterial honeys in the world.

Arbutus  honey has many therapeutic properties and is popularly used as an diuretic, anti-asthmatic (for bronchial infections), urinary antiseptic and to improve blood circulation.

Anecdotal evidence we have heard also suggests this honey does not cause blood sugar to spike and is often used locally by diabetics.

This is not a medical claim so please consult your doctor if you are diabetic before consumption




Crystallization is a natural process that happens almost to any raw honey worldwide. The crystallized honey will not affect the quality of the honey.

When the  raw honey crystallizes, simply put the jar of honey into warm water no more than 35 degrees C and wait for couple of hours to become thin liquid again.

If you prefer, you can use the honey as is, when crystallized.

Raw honey, as our Greek kouzina honey is, has all its nutritious ingredients and value.


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